Decorate Your New Home At Gabriola Park With These Spring Trends

Now that the spring season has begun, the newest interior decorating trends for 2017 are emerging. If you are looking forward to decorating your home at Gabriola Park, there are many exciting trends that will enhance your beautiful new home.

According to, the hottest design trends of this year include:

• Butterfly designs – Butterflies represent a happy, buoyant theme that will add so much optimism to your home. Adding accessories such as lampshades, throw pillows, and candle holders are an easy way to incorporate this fun design into your home.

• Mixed patterns – Forget minimalism; this season is all about interesting, contrasting patterns! For example, bright damask set against black and white stripes on a bedspread can instantly pull the room together.

• Faux and textured materials – Faux is always in style, not because it’s ethical and affordable but because of its chic design. A faux fur rug can help your home feel even cozier. Textures such as quartz counters (which are incorporated in the kitchens and bathrooms here at Gabriola Park!) and faux foliage are also very fashionable this time of year. Copper tones, marble wallpaper, acrylic, wood tiles, hygge (Scandinavian style interiors), and climbing plants are all also very popular.

• Artisanal works (rather than DIY items) – Sure, DIY projects are fun, but they’re a lot of work and they never quite seem to look like the finished product in the tutorials. Designers are realizing that buying artisanal accessories instead will save a ton of time and effort, and will almost always be higher quality.

Your best bets for colours this year include traditional navy blue and chalky, bone whites (as seen throughout Gabriola Park homes). These are classic tones that will add sophistication to any room! You’ll also see a lot of bright green. The Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery, has been popping up in everything from wallpaper to couture fashion ever since it was announced.

If green isn’t your thing, there are many other colours to try! You can never go wrong with classic white, and it can easily be paired with silver and copper accents throughout your home, such as simple furniture pieces. For the more daring, try an industrial look with subway tiles or even pennies!

When it comes to the bathroom, the latest designs are honeycomb, fish scale, subway tile, colour patterns and espresso tones. You could also try adding some butterfly designs for a bit of extra cheer.

No matter which designs and trends you choose to go with, there is no doubt that decorating your brand new home is a lot of fun. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to have a stylish, personalized interior that truly feels like home.

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