Benefits of Townhome Living

Deciding which type of dwelling you want to live in is a very important decision. Do you want the privacy and ownership of a detached home? Or do you want the affordability and low maintenance lifestyle of a condo? Luckily, there’s a compromise. Townhomes are the perfect go-between by combining the best of detached homes and condos.

Maintenance and landscaping

One of the biggest benefits of townhome living is the low maintenance and upkeep costs. Do you want to spend all day mowing your lawn, or would you rather spend it actually enjoying your lawn? The Gabriola Park community green space gives you plenty of room to relax and have fun, but with zero mowing on your part. And since our community amenities are low-maintenance, you won’t have to worry about skyrocketing strata fees!

Privacy and Ownership

Although townhomes are connected through the walls, each one is a separate property and has its own front door and its own garage. The land on which your home sits is yours for exclusive use as limited common property. It’s a lot like a detached home – only much more affordable, and a lot less maintenance, allowing you to spend more of your free time with your family and friends. With no neighbours above or below you, townhome dwellings are automatically much quieter than a condo.


Gabriola Park has many convenient amenities that you might not be able to find in a detached home. Our community is the only one available adjacent to Yorkson Park and protected Yorkson Creek, while featuring a huge green space with a children’s play area and blueberry maze right on the property. We also have a community cottage for our residents, featuring a fireside lounge, kitchenette, and office space. To top it all off, our community is an easy walking distance to Willoughby Town Centre and Willoughby Elementary school.


Residents of townhome communities often have a unique sense of protectiveness and familiarity between each other. The shared amenities in the community, such as our community cottage, serve as a natural gathering place to make new friends. This close-knit environment, along with the close proximity of your neighbours’ houses, makes it difficult for trespassers to break in unnoticed.

With the convenience of a condo, but the privacy of a detached home, townhomes are a wonderful option for anyone who values community, affordability, and privacy. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a downsizer, or just looking for a great place to raise your family, there are so many reasons to choose a townhome at Gabriola Park.

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