Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Brand New Home

There are more benefits than ever before to purchasing a new home as opposed to a used home. New homes are more stylish, require less maintenance, and are more energy efficient than older used homes. Here’s a list of the top ten reasons to choose a new home over a used home.

  1. Warranty.

    A used home is very likely to have older systems and appliances that may need upgrading or replacing, you certainly don’t want to spend your first winter of home ownership with a furnace that doesn’t work! New homes are required by Provincial Law to come with a warranty approved by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) of BC. Every home at Gabriola Park comes with a Premium Warranty by WBI Home Warranty including 2 years coverage for materials, workmanship and major systems, 5 years coverage for building envelope, including water penetration, and 10 years coverage for major structural defects. There is also a 50-year manufacturer warranty on durable vinyl siding with shingle accents and a 30-year manufacturer warranty on reinforced asphalt shingle roofs.

  2. Low Maintenance.

    Today’s homes are made with cutting-edge building products that require much less maintenance than those built years ago. Many also come with modern conveniences that you can’t find in an older home. The homes at Gabriola Park feature a rough-in for a central vacuum system and a great technology and internet package from Shaw.

  3. Energy and cost savings.

    Today’s new homes are much more energy efficient than those built even five years ago. By buying an older home with less efficient windows and inefficient temperature control systems, you are potentially wasting a lot of money just to keep your house at the right temperature. By contrast, new homes automatically have newer, more efficient construction that doesn’t cost as much to run and won’t need replacing in the near future.

  4. Advanced Technology and Design.

    While it’s tempting to buy a fixer-upper home to save on the initial purchase price, the number of upgrades that are needed, such as replacing old appliances, flooring, cabinets, and countertops, easily overtakes the cost of simply buying a new home that includes all the upgrades even with the added cost of GST. All that, and you’re still stuck with the outdated design of a twenty-plus-year-old home. Buying a new home with an open and modern design that includes new, reliable appliances will save you a huge hassle.

  5. Safety.

    One of the most important reasons to choose a new home over a used one are the safety features. Safety regulations and codes are constantly being updated and changed, so a home built this year is considerably safer than one built even five years ago. Gabriola Park does its part by including hardwired in-home smoke detectors and roughed in home security in every home.

  6. Community Amenities.

    Many new homes—Gabriola Park included—are part of master-planned communities that include clubhouses, green space, parks and more for the use of residents. Gabriola Park features a large green space with a kid’s play area, as well as a community cottage with a fireside lounge, open kitchenette, and office space.

  7. Comfort and air quality.

    New homes in today’s market must meet strict energy standards and codes that weren’t in place in the past. New homes often have better indoor air flow and quality, thanks to a combination of high-performance energy efficiency, and state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration systems.

  8. Layout.

    Layouts can be a very personal preference. What works for one family might not necessarily work for yours. Buying a brand new home gives you the option of choosing a layout that meets your family’s precise needs. Here at Gabriola Park, we have several floorplan options so you can find the perfect layout for your family’s needs.

  9. Custom Options. 

    When buying a brand new home, you can choose from an array of options to customize it to suit your lifestyle. You aren’t limited to the design features chosen by the homeowner that came before you. At Gabriola Park, we offer limited options such as a fireplace, so you will love the way your home looks and feels.

  10. It’s Your Home.

    By purchasing someone else’s home, you’re buying their completed dream home, not yours. A brand new, never lived-in home is yours and no one else’s. It will be suited for your family alone, and over the years will be the hub of all your favourite memories. It will be the place that your children will always think of as “home.”

New homes offer design, comfort, and quality that is far superior to that of older homes. Rather than being bogged down in constant renovations and repairs, you can enjoy a carefree lifestyle in your home with your family.

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