Advantages Of Living In A New Master Planned Community

There are many advantages to buying a home in a new, master planned community. Besides living in a brand new home, you also get access to never-before-used amenities, wonderful new neighbours, a properly thought and laid out community, and more. Gabriola Park invites you to be a part of our brand new master plan townhome community in a beautiful, natural setting.

Here are six reasons to live in a new master plan community:

  1. Built-in Style

    You get to choose the colours and finishes of your new home provided by professional interior designers. We have two expertly designed colour schemes to choose from, so your home will reflect your personal taste right from the day you move in.

  2. Worry-free Landscaping

    Backyards and common areas, such as the green space at the south end of Gabriola Park, are maintained by a dedicated team of landscapers. Your home always looks great, and you will appreciate not having to mow the lawn yourself every weekend!

  3. Value and Appreciation

    Because the homes in a master planned community are designed with great home and road layouts, a proper sense of arrival, and great low cost amenities the resale value of these homes tends to be more than the resale value of a similar home in a one off or smaller development without amenities, a proper sense of arrival and overall community planning and design.

  4. The Community

    As the neighbourhood forms and residents start to move in, a sense of camaraderie can form between residents. Imagine all the neighbourhood get-togethers you could have, like potlucks and card games. You’re sure to form lasting bonds with your new neighbours.

  5. Amenities

    One of the best things that a new, master planned community can offer that a traditional neighbourhood cannot is the amenities. Gabriola Park, for instance, offers a community cottage and a large green space and children’s play area. Low cost amenities that are functional and provide lifestyle value without high maintenance fees. Communities with pools, hot tubs/saunas and water features tend to drive monthly maintenance fees up over time due to the high cost of their regular maintenance and repair.

  6. Affordable Living

    New homes are ideal because they need less maintenance than older homes and don’t require renovations or updates. They are also more energy efficient, saving you money on your utility bills each month. Your home will be fresh and ready to live in when moving day arrives. Not to mention, all new homes are protected by a third party 2/5/10 year warranty as mandated by the Home Owner Protection Office (HPO) of BC.

If you are looking into buying a new home, consider living in a new, planned community. With benefits ranging from reliable new home construction, to community amenities and forming new friendships with neighbours, there are so many great reasons to live in a new home community.

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