Back to School Check List


Back to School Check List

It’s that time of year again!  The kids are heading back to school in 8 short days!  Do you have everything they need?  Are you and your family new to the area or going to be new to the area in the next year or so?

If you have recently moved to Langley or are planning to move to Langley in the future here is link to the school district’s school locator for your convenience.

Langley is home to some of the best schools and programs in our Province, another reason that makes Langley a great place to grow and raise your family.  We have created a quick Back to School checklist to help parents prepare for the new school year starting next week!

Be sure to enjoy this coming long weekend with family as we are all about to be busy again.

Back to School Check List:

  1. School Supplies – You can pre-order these from a variety great suppliers, such as Creative Children, (some even deliver right to the school) or check on your local school’s website for a complete list of supplies to pick up at retail stores such as Wal-Mart or Staples.
  2. Indoor and Outdoor Shoes – If you have elementary school children, many schools require a pair of indoor shoes that can be left at the school all year and are only worn inside the school to help stop the spread of germs. These need to be safe to wear to gym/P.E. with non-marking soles. Kids will also need regular outdoor shoes and boots for the fall, to wear to and from school, as well as at recess and lunch.
  3. Backpacks and Lunch Bags – Be ready to pack healthy snacks and lunches to keep their minds and bodies healthy and ready to learn throughout the day! Be sure back packs are padded and the right size, not too heavy for them to avoid future back and shoulder damage.  Insulated lunch bags and thermoses are the way to go along with some ice packs to keep cool items from spoiling before lunch time. Variety of different sized ice packs for school lunches can usually be found at your local dollar store.
  4. After School Programs – We recognize that in today’s world both parents usually work and some after school care is required for younger children. There are many after school programs offered across Langley at each school referred to as Active Kid’s Program and many private programs available as well.
  5. Grocery Change – Don’t forget to stalk the fridge and pantry with healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables that are fun and easy to pack and take along. Check with your local school, but nut free is a safe way to go, at least for the first week to ensure no classmates have any deadly allergies.
  6. Get Involved – Be sure to be a part of your children’s education. Learning does not start and stop on the school grounds.  Send them off telling them how proud you are of them and that you know they will do great things today! After school ask how their day was, what did they learn or do today?  Do you need any help with any homework or projects? Most schools have planner that is to be signed by the parent each evening helping greater communication with the teacher on what is expected of your child on a daily basis.  Most will even work through email now allowing a more clear line of communication about your child(ren)’s education directly with the teacher.

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