the story of our illustrations

Painting since childhood, artist Jack Turpin found that despite his love of all disciplines it was drawing that captured his attention most. Raised in British Columbia—where the natural environment often dominates the built environment—Jack is influenced most by impressionist and realist painters of the Canadian landscape.

With his gaze cast toward the literal edges of human activity, Jack is interested in portraying places where man and Nature meet, but Nature triumphs in the end. As such, the appearance and influence of man’s presence usually assumes a subtle role in the subject matter of his paintings.

When he was approached by Gabriola Park to create a series of original illustrations representing the uniqueness of the area, it was for these reasons that Jack was intrigued.

“It was an exciting proposal; something very unusual for a developer, and I liked that the subject matter mirrored much of my own work.”

Jack notes his inspiration for the illustrations as being an extension of his interest in the interface between man and Nature. “As Langley reaches north towards the storied Fraser River, this fragile boundary is beautifully symbolized by the small and humble chickadee or dragonfly, as much as the lush greens of our forests’. We take none of this for granted in this magnificent area we call home,” says the artist.

Jack is a senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and shows his work at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery in Fort Langley.

Jack Turpin